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Trainers / Speakers / Mentors

During the implementation of our social impact process through ForGood Vietnam community programs, trainers /speakers /mentors play a vital role in sharing knowledge and transmitting experiences.

  • As an expert, trainers possess in-depth knowledge in a specific field.
  • Designing a training program and providing specialized knowledge.
  • Inspiring and offering fresh perspectives.
  • Providing support and guidance for developmental direction throughout project implementation.

Staff / Volunteers / Interns

ForGood Vietnam aims to create a working environment for individuals and everyone, respecting diversity, differences, and providing equal opportunities for all.

  • Good cooperation, committed to work
  • Desire to work for social progress
  • Commitment to work and goals
  • Rich in positive energy


At ForGood Vietnam, we are on a mission to create direction for the development of sustainable goals to spread positivity and create more impact on society. We believe that we can build a better world for all by harnessing the power of entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Purpose-Driven Collaboration and Branding Awareness
  • Social Impact at Scale
  • Access to Networks and Opportunities
  • Flexibility and Customization

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